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CloudworksIT is everything you need to organise, track, and manage your business

Simple Management

Running a small business can be difficult, which is why it isn’t a surprise that the thing that SMBs seem to want most from Unified Apps is simplicity.

expert advice

With uncompromised access to expert advice and technical support around the clock, AND the ability to manage everything under one roof (from anywhere, anytime) there’s absolutely nothing to lose. 

Consolidate your software

There’s never been a more straightforward way to consolidate your current software into one intuitive cloud-based platform; diminishing time and energy involved. No need to invest in separate software for every business need. Unified Apps has it all covered with more than nine functional areas and over 80 end to end business processes. 

The Perfect Set of Business Applications For Any Small & Medium Businesses

A Broad And Completely Unified Suite Of Business Management Apps. Everything Your Business Needs Across The Areas Of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Its Job? The "Efficient and Cost-Effective Automation" Of Your Business In The Cloud.

To See our CRM Application in Action

Building Blocks to Business Success

Unified Apps Cloud applications cover an extensive range of demands and capacities across all business types. All were created from the ground up to perform standalone or adjacent to each other with zero IT staff or user integration effort.

The apps broadly match the CRM, Project Management and General Business Office management genres of software and services. They may be readily activated and brought 'online' as and when needed. In all, there are over 80 applications in the collection, which cover the vast majority of business processes and functions that most SMB's and SME's business requirements.

some of the of Key Features that are active by default regardless of the business applications that you have  subscribed To.


Activity Boards for Processes

An Activity board is a work and workflow visualisation tool that enables you to optimise the flow of your work. Since every team has its process for completing work, activity boards give you the freedom to map your workflow. You can set your activities and statuses and also assign tasks to colleagues with a simple drag and drop engine.


User DashBoard "My World"

Any individual user has admittance to 'My World' which is a user centred view of all their enabled applications. My World focuses the user on items and activities that affect them. Removing everyday distractions from other users and processes dramatically aids the efficiency drive that 'My World' can deliver.



Team Rooms gives people and resources a place where they can work together. By making it easy for your users to work together, you simplify their daily activities. Draw your users into Team Rooms and focus their actions based on their departments or project roles.


Business Management Software - Highlights

Go FullScreen and See for Yourself how Unified Apps CloudworksIT delivers a simple but powerful set of 'enterprise' applications to your business.

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  • CRM
  • eHR
  • Help Desk
  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • Productivity

The Unified Apps CloudworksIT online business management software is modular. Businesses can 'subscribe' to packages of any application types they choose, in the order they choose and may enable them on a user by user basis. Many application 'Modules' are shared and are standard to any other application, for example, document storage & management, calendar, My World and many more. All application areas or modules are intrinsically linked and united together, so zero effort is required for integration when enabling newly purchased subscription capabilities.

A Free Trial of Unified Apps CloudworksIT could be the very best "investment" you've ever made.

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