5 signs your customers may need you to 'uncomplicate' their lives.

5 signs your customers may need you to ‘uncomplicate’ their lives.

5-tell-tale-signs-you-customers need help

With the development of various accounting software programmes such as Xero and Quickbooks and the advent of digital tax returns, the role of the trusted accountant is changing. Accountants feel compelled to add extra value to their services and are finding they need to take on a more advisory role to stay relevant and solve more significant problems for their clients.


We know that, as an accountant, you have a head start on understanding the health of your customers’ businesses, and are there to help them find new solutions to problems that may yet grow. If you notice any of the following when consulting with your clients, you may be able to save them plenty of time and money by advising they work towards a single software platform.

Simplify Work with a single system
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    They are not keeping track of their inventory efficiently - unsure of how much stock they have at any one time
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    They have a growing list of payables for separate software subscriptions. Some of these make sense, some of them look redundant or even worse look like duplication's. Software subscriptions like CRM, Project management, Document Storage, Employee Expense management and so are usually quite typical in this.
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    They are spending a lot of time looking for data or moving it from one excel spreadsheet to another or even into an entirely separate programme. Although Excel has its place, reliance on it for processing and turning it into the de-facto 'workaround' tool as a business grows can lead to severe problems.
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    They are having trouble keeping track of staff - holidays, timesheets, communication issues etc. are starting to cause inefficiencies and can lead to disengaged employees.
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    Problems with internal processes have cost them time and money - service to their customers has suffered as a direct result of not being able to process and keep track of communications over quotes, orders, invoices etc.

The above 'triggers' are by no means exhaustive. There are plenty to find once you've turned your advisory antenna on. If you do spot any of these issues during discussions or other engagements with your customers, you could become an instant superhero by making a referral to a provider of a platform that can integrate all of their processes, workflows, data and operational reporting in one place. An article by James Ashford touches on the fact that accountants need to be looking at how to add value to their offerings as well as the traditional bookkeeping and compliance functions.

Accountant Hero

Clearly, we think our platform is the one you should be recommending, primarily if you use Xero. Take some time to have a look at the extent our applications integrate with it. Yet still, if we have prompted you to look at any platforms which will comprehensively service the needs and grow with your clients at a lower cost than the actual value of the issues above, then we are happy to have helped you on your way to being a hero!

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