9 Signs You Need Help With Business Automation

9 Signs You Need Help With Business Automation

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If you answer ‘yes’ to more than 4 of these 9 statements you should begin re-evaluating your methods and probably seek help......


  • You’re not entirely sure how many customers you have, or how many you lost last month.
  • You know that you should have more cash in the bank then the excel report made by your accountant is telling you.
  • Your Sales team can tell you how many new leads they generated last month, but not where those prospects are now in your pipeline (not without scratching around in their outlook inbox and chatting with each other for a few hours)
  • Some people owe you money. You know they do. But how much and who they are is still not clear. You're looking at the excel spreadsheet again. 
  • You don’t have a Dashboard to view your key business metrics in a single, easy to read place
  • You are unable to track and escalate customer complaints and queries through a single unified application
  • Every quote or proposal is a long drawn out copy n paste exercise in a document.
  • Your service staff spend more than 60% of their time dealing with payment queries due to incorrect or unclear invoices.
  • Every time you take on a new customer, it feels like your re-inventing the wheel again- this week!

Actually, there are 10, here's the classic

  • You’re still waiting for those sales figures you asked for - last week!

There's a famous expression: "Spend your time working on the business, not in the business." When you spend your time performing the daily trouble-shooter, you'll never have time to work on improving your business.
It's no mystery: SMEs who use automation enjoy increased profitability, more productivity and greater scalability.

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