Are you Losing Money and Your Reputation by not having Integrated Systems?

Are you Losing Money and Your Reputation by not having Integrated Systems?

Lose money and reputation

I have worked long enough in the corporate world to take bespoke systems for granted. Systems set up explicitly for that company, that have most probably grown and developed with the company, and integrated every department’s day to day processes into a (usually) smoothly running platform. 


What I took for granted was that, if the employees and management of the companies I was working for all had systems in place that made their working life more comfortable, then this must happen for smaller companies as well, right?

Smaller Business Should not miss out.
When I stepped away from working for corporates and focusing my company on small and medium enterprises, I was shocked at the vast gap in system development that is genuinely causing problems for growing companies. Many of these SMEs eventually come to a point where the sheer number of non-integrated functions and processes that they use becomes a burden and starts to damage the business for reasons I will go into below.

My colleagues and I established the Unified Apps platform to precisely to fill a void in the provision of genuinely usable and integrated systems for smaller businesses. We intended to provide something that grew with the company, provided ‘just enough’ at any one time and worked like a bespoke platform to play on a more even field with the big businesses.

Serving Makes a difference.
My background is NOT software development. Ingrained in everything I do is serving my customers. It is an ethos that goes all the way back to my first job. I’d decided not to go to university and proudly landed myself what I considered my first step on the corporate ladder in a trainee management position at Tesco.


I loftily turned up to work on my first day very smartly suited and booted, imagining myself running the whole store in no time. I was quickly brought down to earth. For my first task, I was handed a broom and told that to progress in the business; I needed to learn how it works right from the bottom. Once I’d got over the shock (and knock to my pride), I did learn. I learned that a business needs to understand their customer base and how to serve their needs to be successful. I love nothing more than finding problems in companies and providing ways to make their processes more accessible and straightforward.

It is time to Simplify
I’ve seen many SMEs struggle with processes. They end up with a 'mish-mash' of different methods and workarounds using, for example, an accounting application for creating customer invoices, then a separate program for stock and inventory management and yet another for asset tracking, along with numerous spreadsheets, mail systems and shared folders. Keeping track of what staff are doing and what other departments are doing means many businesses are not only working inefficiently but are perhaps also unable to serve their customers in the way they intended.

SME HybridSprawl

Moreover, it helps when I get a 'buzz' out of it!
By creating a platform that feels like a giant corporate bespoke system, that can grow with the business and makes a real difference to customers and their staff I’m delighted that I am serving people through understanding their needs. Making a difference in other people’s businesses is why I’m here. It’s as simple as that.

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Imtiaz is an enthusiastic and innovative Professional, with over 20 years of experience in the Retail, ERP and CRM business areas in the UK, South Asia and the Middle East. PS. When he’s away from running UnifiedApps, he’s also been known to be a mediocre guitar player.

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