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The Perfect CRM for Small &
Medium Businesses

Welcome to the next generation of Cloud-Based CRM Systems. Unified Apps CRM has all the features of the enterprise-grade CRMs at an attractive price: social features, email marketing, email integration, workflow, mobility, etc.

Poor CRM-sales efficiency and complex CRM systems impact Small and mid-sized businesses far more than larger enterprise companies. Financially at a disadvantage, when small organisations are affected by revenue losses & poor conversion rates, they have no option for dedicated CRM resources and no time/money for complex CRM solutions.

Like in any organisation, a business-friendly and versatile CRM solution is critical for companies to track and monitor conversion rates and increase sales efficiency. However, because sales processes evolve rapidly in small businesses, most large complex CRM systems fail at the business-friendly and versatile stage.


Making Sense of Your Business World

Keep all your information in one place

A cloud-based “data vault” where all your CRM and other Business Critical Information is aggregated and stored securely

Drag and Drop Processes

With configurable process flows and "Kanban" style boards, your team will always know what the next step is.

Team Collaboration

Give your people and resources a place where they can work together. By making it easy for your users to work together, you simplify their daily activities.


Visualise Reporting Structures

Quickly set the reporting or decision arrangement of the contacts and companies you deal with by dragging those that report to those that direct!

CRM is both a suite of software and a business activity

Applying both to your business generates incredible productivity benefits.

For some organisations, the only reason they use CRM is to manage ordered lists of contacts. That is far short of what a CRM application can do. However, it is still incredibly valuable just doing that, as it provides a single top-down accurate version of the truth that all a company's employees will experience.

These contacts can be 'grouped' by their relationship and status to your business, as well as the links that they have amongst themselves. As you capture new leads, they are nurtured along and managed with the support of the CRM software through to opportunities and the sales processes that you have defined. As opportunities turn into sales orders, it's over to your delivery and finance teams to secure the delivery and payment on completion of the orders.

That, in a nutshell, is what any CRM solution must be able to do!

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Unified Apps CRM

Unified Apps CRM

What our customers say

Support is great...

“We have been using this product for years and it supports our UK business and enables us to do more with less effort and less people”. “Support is great and availability is Enterprise grade”.

Barbara Rush  //  Rivopharm UK Ltd

No other solution gave me the flexibility I needed to work..

“Managing Documents, Contracts, Projects and People Internationally was hard for me before I found CloudWorks, No other solution gave me the flexibility I needed to work and grow in an agile fashion. Many thanks to the Trivaeo team for the ongoing innovation!”

Osama A. Abeljabar  //  InCube

What makes Unified Apps CRM different

For many of Unified Apps competitors, CRM is the only application they have. For us, CRM just represents 11 of over 80 functional business applications. One of our most significant benefits is that you do not have to throw out your CRM solution when your company gets larger and requires more business processes in functional areas such as, like Human Resources, Team and Document Collaboration, Business Projects, Service Desks, Contracts and so on.

Start with our CRM, it's comfortable and practical to use; but you'll know that it is already linked and bonded to everything else so as your business grows the effort required to bring those other processes 'online' is at a minimum. Your customer data and your business future are safe with us.

The Benefits of Unified Apps for
SMB's and SME's

Unified Apps Cloud applications cover an extensive range of demands and capacities across all business types. All were created from the ground up to perform standalone or adjacent to each other with zero IT staff or user integration effort.

The apps broadly match the CRM, Project Management and General Business Office management genres of software and services. They may be readily activated and brought 'online' as and when needed. In all, there are over 80 applications in the collection, which cover the vast majority of business processes and functions that meet most SMBs and SMEs business requirements.


An End-To-End Solution. 

Unified Apps delivers a complete all-in-one business management software that brings together your CRM, Service Desks, Project Management, EHR, Stock, Contracts and Asset Management into a single application held on a single database. Suitable for businesses of any size, industry or sector but with a focus on Small and Medium Sized companies, our modular structure means Unified Apps can easily be sized to meet the specific requirements of your business now and as you grow.


Consolidate Your Software

Consolidate your current software into one intuitive cloud-based platform; diminishing time and energy involved. No need to invest in separate software for every business need. Reduces your Invoices and time wasted on managing multiple suppliers for your Cloud Software. 


Simply Day to Day Management

As a business grows been able to continuously keep a business priority like 'Simple Management' at the top of the list, become increasingly more difficult. The design principles of Unified Apps with its 7,000,000 lines of code in the backend, make it extremely simple for the customer to manage the frontend.

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What Powers Unified Apps

Unified Apps CloudworkIT is powered by the world-class enterprise platform from Trivaeo Solutions. Trivaeo is a software engineering company that dedicates itself to enterprise business applications and its associated information management technology. All the technology used by Trivaeo has been engineered from the ground up and does not 'mash-up' or integrate other vendors applications by trying to make them look and behave the same. All the components are designed and built from scratch driven by the precise needs and requirements of clients.

Why Unified Apps CloudworksIT is RISK-FREE For You

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A Free Trial of Unified Apps CloudworksIT could be the very best 'Investment' you've ever made.

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