Incorporate Current Marketing Channels With CRM

Incorporate Current Marketing Channels With CRM

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CRM software plays an important role in many companies, but a major advantage in your marketing awaits when you use a completely integrated approach with your CRM that includes making use of the various technology components to......


track, improve your customer data and your customer service.

Social media platforms should play a key role in your CRM marketing strategies as they offer a completely new source for customer data, and marketers should be adding them to their CRM databases.

Not only has social media given companies access to a multitude of levels of information about potential customers, but it also offers a new way to reach your customers that is acceptable and encouraged by social media users. What many companies don’t realise is that it will also have a significant impact on the way that B2B companies reach the market.

Having the ability to track behaviour, such as what users click on, the websites they visit, what they like, etc., allows marketers to create a ‘digital’ profile and adding social media to your database will give insight that you have never had in the past. You will quickly learn what the consumer likes, what they trust, and what upon they focus.

As a business, it is imperative that you focus on incorporating those results into your database so that you can form a ‘big picture’ of the consumer and your customers that will allow you to target the prospective customers easily.

Campaigns Setup

Campaigns Setup

Most companies are already using social media themselves. Depending on the size of the account will depend on how many social networks they participate in, but it’s common for a large company to manage more than 100 different social media accounts.

B2B companies struggle more with social media. They must merge social interaction with their fundamental practices, which can be challenging. They must also measure social media to learn the channel value. Some customers might complain about social networking platforms, yet never lodge an actual customer service ticket. This technology allows you to grab that customers name and deal with the complaint that otherwise you would not know. It builds good customer service and good branding.

All information gathered in social networks helps to build a better picture of your buyer. This information is helpful throughout the selling cycle where marketing is targeting potential buyers of your product. There is great potential here when used properly.

  • Get the 'Big Picture'
  • Reach new and existing customers
  • Use Social Media as part of your Customer Service experience
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